Introducing the latest CLIC – a cutting-edge modular solution designed specifically for large spaces like hotels, shopping malls, industrial buildings, hospitals, office buildings, and multipurpose buildings. With Low Ambient control, R-454B low GWP refrigerant, and optimized footprint, this modular unit is the perfect choice for those seeking high-quality cooling solutions. Our CLIC units are designed to provide chilled water, and can be easily configured in modular installations using 25-ton modules up to a maximum of 250 tons. The flexible installation configuration allows the CLIC to be installed in reduced spaces, making it ideal for buildings of all shapes and sizes. With internal isolation valves that enable each module to be maintained independently, the CLIC provides redundancy even during operation. This means that you can rely on the unit to deliver excellent performance and efficiency, no matter what. The efficient tandem installation allows the system to operate from 7 tons to 250 tons, using only the required modules based on demand. This helps to reduce and optimize energy consumption, making the CLIC an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for new and retrofit applications.

Standard Configuration

  • Capacity: 25 TR
  • Modular Capacity: 25 up to 250 TR
  • Voltages: 208-230/3/60 | 460/3/60
  • AHRI and ETL Certified
  • Inverter (only mother) or Fixed Scroll Compressor
  • EC Fan´s
  • Modbus Communication (Mother-Son communication)
  • MODBUS (Remote communication)
  • R-454B Refrigerant
  • Touch Screen 7” on Mother Units
  • Microchannel Condenser Coil
  • Refrigerant leak detector sensor
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Two isolation valves, Thermal dispersion flow switch, Decanter filter, flow balancing valve
  • As standard, Phase Voltage protection, overcurrent protection, main power switch.

Additional Configuration

  • Heat recovery
  • MODINE anti-corrosion coating (condenser)
  • Protection grills
  • Oil separator (For Glycol applications)


25 Tons
Width31 1/8”79
Length86 3/4″220.3
Height81 3/4”210.2