The VRW system (Variable Refrigerant Water) was created to attend HVAC needs using water as a heat transfer medium. It is an easy to install and simple to operate system that does not require specialized labor or high cost components. Among its advantages are:

  • Options for mixing hydronic components of different
  • Minimal refrigerant use in chiller units.
  • Water as heat transfer medium.
  • Simple and agile changes in the location of terminal units by not using expensive copper piping and specialized labor.
  • Eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant.
  • Reduced health risks by not pumping refrigerant to the terminal units or inside the system.
  • Significant savings in installation by using different materials than copper, such as PVC, flexible hose, thermoformed polypropylene.
  • Water pumping is very simple and inexpensive, which maximizes system efficiency at a lower cost. There is no capacity loss in the terminal units regardless of their distance from the chiller.
  • The variable system generates energy savings, which allows a return on investment.
  • It allows chilled water to be generated when electric power is cheaper and stored for later use, generating
    extra savings via thermal storage.
  • Hydronic components are easy to find and low cost.
  • The modular design of the VRW system generates
    savings on the initial investment by allowing
    additional capacity to be added on demand.
  • Simple, agile and economical maintenance without
    costly specialized personnel and labor.
  • Open protocol for communications and control. No costly annual licensing fees.
  • Component life is extended, maximizing the initial

Comfort Flex specializes in design and manufacturing of modular chillers that meet the needs of our customers and the market with a fresh and modern contribution.


Comfort Flex modular units are designed to be coupled together and combined to meet different capacity needs. If the project requires higher capacity, modules can be easily added. Clima Flex units can operate independently or in a tandem installation.


At the time of maintenance or failure, the modular equipment allows for redundancy. This means that when a module is put into standby mode, the system will continue to operate on a regular basis, allowing for maintenance or revision of the equipment, so the system will continue to working without affecting its operation or the user.

Energy savings

Units based on quality and technology, vanguard provides a high return on investment and a reduction in costs. Being a modular system, it only uses the necessary energy. On startup, the tandem operates with a single module, and as demand increases the other modules are enabled individually, likewise the tandem will decrease its operating demand when the building is partially vacant, thus saving energy.

Easy installation

The units are designed for easy installation. The Victaulic connections allow for quick installation of water piping. The connections are located on both sides of the unit, so piping can be connected on either side of the unit. The units have a rigid base that balances the weight of the unit and allows for easy installation.