Comfort Flex is pioneer in the use of variable hydronic (water) systems VRW, which offer better performance and reliability at lower cost, as well as simplicity of installation and maintenance compared to systems using variable refrigerant (VRF).

Comfort Flex has a quality control system certified under ISO 9001: 2015, which guarantees the company's ability to produce equipment and services that meet all the regulations and needs of customers.

Comfort Flex belongs to the association of professionals of the hydronic industry. We are a group of manufacturers that are convinced that the use of water as a thermal medium is more efficient, cheaper, simpler and more ecological

Comfort Flex is a member of the AHRI institute, the most important regulatory body of the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration industry on the planet. AHRI ensures that the equipment complies with the manufacturer's performance and efficiency.

Comfort Flex seeks to manufacture equipment of the highest safety for the user, quality, efficiency and performance. To fulfill this effort, all of our product families are AHRI certified or are in the process of obtaining AHRI certification.

In the United States, Mexico and Canada the ETL brand is proof of product compliance with published industry standards. Comfort Flex product families are ETL certified or in the process of obtaining ETL certification.

Comfort Flex products meet the international energy-efficient standard for existing buildings and structures and new constructions ASHRAE 90.1

Clima-Flex equipment uses limited quantities of R-410A refrigerant, which does not contain elements that attack the ozone layer (bromine and chlorine), making the R-410A the most environmentally friendly option.

Comfort Flex products have a reduced footprint allowing them to enter through a normal door and be hoisted in a service lift. Saving costly and problematic maneuvers.

The paint used on Comfort Flex products meets the 1,500 hour saline camera test. This guarantees the protection against corrosion in the cabinet of our equipment.

ADSIL is a coating that provides anticorrosion protection to components and mechanical elements such as compressors, valves and pipes. Comfort Flex offers several options of interior and exterior protection in its products.

As an extra protection for condensers and coils Comfort Flex uses Electrofin® from Microdine, an electro-epoxy coating that extends component life by allowing heat transfer while protecting against corrosion and UV rays.

Comfort Flex variable equipment uses Scroll Inverter compressors controlled by a digital drive according to the exact demand. Saving thus electrical energy and providing a better performance.

The compressors in Clima-Flex units are installed on a double suspension that absorbs the normal vibrations of use, reducing noise and wear of components.

Clima-Flex uses EC (electronic commutated) variable fans which are more efficient, and thanks to their toothed blades they minimize vibration making them quieter.

The use of ultrasonic water flow sensors allows accurate measurement increasing performance and efficiency of Comfort Flex equipment, offering reliability and reducing possible faults, false alarms and maintenance hours.

The balancing valve allows the passage of the precise water flow to maintain the cooling efficiency at all times.

The isolation valve isolates modules independently in a tandem installation. This allows maintenance of each module without the need to shut down the entire system. If a fault occurs, a module can be isolated so that the rest of the installation does not stop operating.

Microchannel allows the use of less refrigerant and uses less space and area to achieve the same performance, the life of the unit is extended by using only aluminum components thus reducing corrosion.

Comfort Flex units are easily connected to local area networks (LAN) and the Internet (WAN) under the TCP / IP protocol. The units can use the Modbus RTU and BACnet RTU protocols to integrate them into building management systems (BMS). We offer different options for remote connectivity for the end user and maintenance personnel.